Diabetes Stats



Diabetes was the 4th leading cause of death in Guam as of 2013



A public survey was conducted by HAWAI'I MEDICAL JOURNAL, VOL 69, JUNE 2010 of Diabetes Services on Guam.


Diabetes Self-Management:

More than half (53.6%) of the respondents stated that they had received counseling regarding nutrition and appropriate dietary choices for diabetics, but 40% reported never having received this type of counseling. Of those who received nutrition counseling, 22.4% identified their doctor as the source of counseling.


Self-care Practices:

Over half (51%) of patients checked their blood sugar at home regularly, while 4% did so occasionally, and 1% did so rarely. Forty- three percent (43%) did not check their blood sugar at home at all.


The World Health OrganizationReport, WHO CountryCooperation Strategyfor Guam2013-2017, reports the following:

"The rate of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in Guam and the regioncontinues to increase. Between 2001 and 2005, 61% of all deaths on Guamwere attributed to NCDs (31% from heart disease, 16% from cancer, 8%cerebrovascular disease, 3% from diabetes, and 3% from chronic obstructivepulmonary disease). In 2006, deaths attributable to NCDs increased to 81%."






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